Introducing Artificial Intelligence Technology for Lowering Claim Expenses and Improving Reserves

June 7 at 2pm ET

The insurance claim ecosystem and its processes are complex, unwieldy, outdated, and time-consuming. Processing a claim is a very tedious process, with millions of data points either never accessed or insufficiently explored, resulting in avoidable delays and inconvenience to the customer. While the long-term impact of this affects all stakeholders over time, the more concerning outcome is the inability of claims professionals to make more informed decisions, handle claims purposefully, preempt litigation, and maximize time and costs.

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing are the breakthroughs that give a new spin to claims management. Besides being intuitive technologies, they work on data to plug critical claims management gaps, assess and explore past data cues and help in quick resolutions by claim examiners.

Register for this tech talk to hear two of the best innovative and recognized industry leaders share their insights into InsureTech, get started with A.I. technologies, and simplify the claim process.


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