Charlee predicts severity based on machine learning analysis of topics, entities, timelines, locations and sentiments correlated with prior similar claims’ settlements.

Charlee™ is the first Artificial Intelligence solution combining the power of natural language processing and machine learning to interpret claims adjudication data and documents. Insurance Insights Engine (patent pending) that was trained on over 40 million claims.


Charlee has also been trained to identify cognitive behavior patterns behind 160 plus fraud schemes across all lines of business. These pre-trained insights enhance our Red flags and Alerts at the claim level with explanations to assist claims operations. 

There are over 50,000 insights which help your Claims and Underwriting teams discover valuable high-severity claim patterns within your data which will lead to lower costs and severity.

Historical Trends and Patterns

Severity trends and patterns requires interpreting the loss story details derived from entities, timelines, sentiments, locations and topics extracted from all closed claims data including unstructured data (Claim notes, documents, 3rd party PDFs, news articles etc). Charlee leverages this due diligence to flag pending / open claims.

Severity Prediction – Mitigate!

Prioritize claims predicted claims that are exceeding severity trends based on prior similar claims. Due diligence behind these predictions helps management and operations avoid chasing false positives. Indemnity vs expenses is a balancing act.

Know and prioritize your Claims starting at FNOL

Flagged claims with deep level insights help prioritize claims. Knowing high-severity claim trends at the first notice of loss (FNOL) helps put together better plans of action for efficiently managing resources.

A.I. based Claim level insights

Red flags and Alerts are based on cognitive behavior analysis of 160 plus fraud schemes, SIU regulations and Fair & Unfair Claims Settlement Practices Acts across all lines. Learn and act upon these red flags and alerts to stay compliant.