AI and Machine Learning change Insurance and Health Care

John Standish Co-founder and CIO of was live at Clicks and Bricks podcast. It was a great session with the host Ken Cox. John shared how his domain experience from his vast career has resulted in Charlee’s Artificial Intelligence. In this podcast with good questions and commentary from Ken Cox, John Standish was able to touch on all the aspects where is able to help the insurance industry as a whole. John Standish talked a little bit about the development of all the way up to the products like our Litigation Management Dashboard that we offer today.

While the role of technology in claims and litigation management is getting critical and urgent, the advantage has is its board of advisors, an eclectic mix of legal experts, data architects, law mavericks, and deep domain experts from government and practitioner areas. Charlee does not just provide consistent inputs in shaping the technology but helps make it sharper and better predictive. Enormous costs are thus saved for insurers in claims litigation, ensuring customer retention and leveraging patterns and data to predict positive outcomes for everyone concerned.

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