Optimize litigation management for compliance

Predicting litigation for you upto 90-120 days in advance, with approximately 85% accuracy starting at First Notice of Loss (FNOL).

Adopt Charlee™ for your insurance management; a pre-trained natural language processing application seamlessly integrating with your dashboard providing actionable insights on pending claims from past data sources, predicting their progress into litigation, and improving your settlement methods.

  • Reduces loss adjustment expenses
  • Minimizes claims cycle times
  • Manages reserves efficiently
  • Prioritizes predicted open claims and insights to mitigate them
  • Provides strategic insights and proactive use of quantitative predictions
  • Understands and foresees patterns of user behavior
  • Predicts a litigation’s trajectory based upon the historical path of previously consolidated litigation data
  • Reveals hidden risk patterns in various sectors, configures appropriate pricing, and improves settlement methods

Litigation Prediction and Claims Mitigation with AI Powered Insurance Risk Insights

Stop the guesswork when it comes to claims management, don’t let yourself walk into unforeseen litigation, and stop money leaking away into mismanaged or unpredictable risks. Charlee’s litigation management engine is pretrained for all kinds of personal, auto, and commercial insurance management. Make real-time decisions based on past data insights. Prioritize predicted claims based on due diligence. Learn plaintiff attorney patterns and improve your settlement methods.  Apply insights in risk selection for appropriate endorsements and exclusions. Automate your claims litigation identification and management to make your life easy, outcomes accurate, and save costs.

Historical Trends and Patterns

Did you know your past legacy and historical data are a goldmine of information for the future? They can be used to foresee, predict, map patterns, and give insights of the likelihood of progression of claims. This data helps you make more informed decisions, helps follow due diligence in flagging pending/open claims, and even predicts when cases are running into litigation thus allowing you to make informed decisions.

Legacy Data Sources

Gain special insights off behavioral patterns derived from legacy data both structured and unstructured. Structured data includes timelines, entities, locations, sentiments, and topics extracted from past claims data while Unstructured are claim notes, documents, 3rd party PDFs, news articles, and more. Use this to map and predict your user’s future behavior.

Litigation Prediction With Actionable Insights

Know about pending and open claims predicted to go into litigation based on in-depth analyses of past entities, timelines, sentiments, locations, and topics, at the click of a button. Intervene and assess the stage of progress, and assign senior litigation members to manage and mitigate escalations for you.


Prioritizing claims starting at FNOL

Pre-Attorney and Pre-Litigation pattern analysis when begun at FNOL or First Notice Of Loss, maps the way forward for claims management, handling, resolution, or predicting risk and possibility of litigation. Interpreting a loss story from details derived from structured and unstructured data requires due diligence, fewer errors commonly seen in manual handling, and automated insights underlined by predictive analyses.

Predictive Claim Insights and Actions

Predicting claims helps foresee the progress and pitfalls of claims while providing tangible actionable insights that you can use to mitigate or avert progression into litigation. Charlee’s pretrained insights and your historical data bring together powerful foresight automated for you to gain control of the claims trajectory.


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