Charlee™ – Insurance Insights Engine (pre-built, pre-trained)

CHARLEE. AI has built the first insurance pre-built and pretrained insights engine with real-time analytics for the insurance industry. An insights engine is a powerful tool to extract insights from a variety of structured and unstructured data. The Charlee™ Search insights engine was trained on over 55 million claims, policy files, and documents with 50,000 insights ready to be deployed within 3 weeks. The team has created and built the required ontologies for the insurance claims process. There is also a powerful semantic search capability for words and phrases utilized in categorizing the types of loss, causes of loss, and the unique characteristics of each kind of claim in each line of business.

Charlee™ A.I. and machine learning-driven insights bring to light patterns, KPIs, and valuable analytics by connecting entities, timelines, sentiments, connections, and topics. Every department within an insurance company needs these claim-based insights as a starting point. Charlee™ insights are derived from data varieties, making them very contextual and valuable for all departments. These pre-trained insights are supplemented wherever possible with 3rd party and benchmark data, including data from documents such as claim notes, emails, text documents, medical bills, police reports, research, voice recordings, social media posts, Letters of Representation, demand letters, among many others typically found in a claim file.

Digital technology platforms, like Charlee™, will not replace the human claims examiner or agent, but it will significantly assist them in their jobs.


Simplicity, efficiency, personalized service, and low cost are what customers expect from an insurance company. Charlee™ helps you meet these expectations.

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Charlee works seamlessly with any claims management system data and claim documents in 3 steps: Extract, Interpret and Derive!
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