Getting better! Can & Should Advance Analytics be measured as well?!

Let’s try and simplify this. Identifying key drivers for picking up the right KPIs for measuring Analytics will pave way for improving business efficiency. Visualizing, measuring, optimizing and analyzing “right” data helps every business find its feet and take those big, business-critical decisions.

Take one step at a time; start right at the start!

Clarifying goals and picking the right measure is one of the critical success factors. We will elaborate on this item in our next post. Stay tuned.

Goal-setting comes with its own list of challenges. There will be conflicts within the system. Some of these conflicts might appear bigger than the actual conflict. Take a step backwards; identify areas of the business that will get impacted, both positively and negatively.

Now we know where we are headed. We also have a yardstick to measure. Isn’t it then important to understand the benefits? Isn’t it also important to understand & calculate the cost of such benefits.