Lines of Business

Charlee™ ’ insights are applicable for Claims, Underwriting, and insurer’s IT/internal analytics/data science teams. They are available for all personal, commercial, work comp and specialty/excess lines of business. Insights are available through a web application, or API, or can be integrated into any claims management system. Insights are both at the aggregate and transaction levels. Charlee™ uses all types and varieties of data to bring out these insights that help the department improve process efficiencies, as well as reduce claims severity and legal expenses/costs (allocated loss adjustment expense) and find potential fraud while provided recommendations on under/over reserved claims.

  • Workflow Summary with AI Insights
  • Claims Insights
  • Red Flags (RF), Quality Control (QC) Alerts and Recommendations

  • Claim Severity Management
  • Red Flags/Quality Control Alerts for Potential Fraud
  • Open Claims Predicted for Litigation, and Litigation Avoidance
  • Assignment of Claims to the appropriate Examiners
  • Average Claim Settlements Compared by Incidents
  • Regulatory Data Calls
  • Key Risk Factors and Emerging Risks
  • Loss Development Analysis
  • Loss Ratio Analysis by area

Charlee is a revolutionary Insights Engine for insurance that allows you to instantly detect high cost and litigation propensity patterns in your claims with a simple search or click. Our Insights Engine provides a deep and intuitive understanding of information from all types and sources, both internal and external, structured or unstructured, using artificial intelligence and machine learning.