Charlee™ cyber solution is trained on an extensive and comprehensive study of data from history of past cyber incidents.

The Charlee™ cyber solution will reveal hidden patterns of risk in various sectors and types of businesses for a better understanding of risk and appropriate pricing.


Cyber Risk Portfolio Analysis

Frequency and Severity based on industry type and the topics from similar past claims leading to various cyber incidents can be analyzed.

Significant Topics in Cyber Incidents

Improved cyber risk predictions leveraging deep insights from past incidents with the use of natural language processing (NLP)

Cyber Claims Processing & Alerts

Analyze patterns and trends in your current cyber claims portfolio with the power of our NLP based cyber insights. These insights can be converted to alerts for your open claims.

Cyber Risk Portfolio Simulations

Run various simulations on your portfolio and desired portfolio. Combine with other data to examine correlations. Cyber risk analysis is enhanced with our cyber insights for these enriched simulations.