The insurance industry is discovering how artificial intelligence can improve the claims and underwriting process by automating data gathering, organization, and analysis of it with various models and solutions. created the first insurance insights engine with artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing, and semantic search.

Patterns and Trends

Charlee™ is the first artificial intelligence insurance insights engine that was trained on over 30 million claims.     Read More……

Suspected Fraud

The cost of Insurance fraud is over $80 billion problem for the Property and Casualty, and Life Insurance Industries. Read More……

Litigation Avoidance

The Artificial Intelligence Insights generated by Charlee™ acts as an early warning system for the Claims Manager and Senior Claims Examiners. Read More…..

Claims Automation

Claims that have no indicators of fraud, complex issues or potential litigation typically can be resolved quickly. Read More……..

Regulatory Compliance

The Charlee™ Insurance Insights Engine helps the claims and underwriting teams with data reporting, business development, rate requests, and anti-fraud reporting. Read More…..

The Charlee™ Insurance Insights Engine helps you achieve KPIs with search-based analytics.