Insurance leaders are constantly trying to predict what is around the corner.  “What don’t I see?”  “What’s going to happen next?” “How can I prepare for the next catastrophe or the resulting tidal wave of litigation?” “How can I efficiently and effectively manage current and emerging risks?” “Are my reserves adequately set and maintained?” “What can I do to reduce the severity of claims, and control costs? “

The ability to search for insights in the insurance claims process can help you in a number of ways to identify, predict, and take action on patterns and trends.  This results in you having the edge in reducing claims severity and allocated loss adjustment expense. For example, what if by utilizing the latest AI and Machine Learning technology, you could correlate and model data from various sources.  What if you could personalize searches and discover context for your business at that moment?  Imagine the possibilities of accelerating your claims process, reducing fraud, and managing your litigation.  That sounds great, but where do you start?

Introducing Infinilytics’ Charlee™ Insurance Insights Engine.

The Charlee Insurance Insights Engine™ provides artificial intelligence and machine learning insights based on individual claims, and the aggregate patterns and trends found in the claims.  You can search for any topic, and our insight engine understands and interprets context utilizing synonyms and interpretations that give you a five-dimensional view of correlated insights, patterns, and trends. The Charlee Insurance Insights Engine™ was built and trained with over 35 million claim records including documents, pdf files, e-mails, correspondence, reports, news media data, and specific domain enriched data.

The Infinilytics team can install Charlee™ through the Cloud, or an API (Application Programming Interface) for your organization.  Charlee’s pre-built insights (machine learning and natural language processing models) accelerates your implementation.

The Power of Artificial Intelligence Insurance Insights.

Insurance industry leaders need to provide the right technologies to their teams to excel and meet internal goals, government regulations, and expectations of stakeholders of their companies.  The Charlee Insurance Insights Engine™ will:

  1. Correlate and model data from various sources.
  2. Personalize searches and discover context for your business at the moment.
  3. Accelerate your claims process, reduce fraud, and manage litigation.

Contact Infinilytics today to get started with Charlee™ and experience the power of artificial intelligence and insights for insurance.  You can reach us at [email protected] and (844) 826-6906.