CHARLEE. AI is the first insurance pre-built and pretrained insights engine with real-time analytics for the insurance industry. An insights engine is a powerful tool to extract insights from a variety of structured and unstructured data. The Charlee™ Predictive Analytics engine was trained on over 55 million claims, policy files, and documents with 50,000+ insights ready to be deployed within 3 weeks.

Try our Litigation or Severity prediction for 21 days Free and see how CHARLEE.AI can save you time and money.

Reduce Claim Expenses

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* The Free 21 Day POC can include:

Litigation or Severity Prediction With Actionable Insights

Know about pending and open claims predicted to go into litigation or high severity based on in-depth analyses of past entities, timelines, sentiments, locations, and topics, at the click of a button.

Predictive Claim Insights and Actions

Predicting claims helps foresee the progress and pitfalls of claims while providing tangible actionable insights that you can use to mitigate or avert progression into litigation or high-severity.